Heavy Equipment Operator Jobs – Opportunity to Work at the US Army

Usually, people who have big interest in operating heavy equipment and driving huge vehicles are the ones who pursue a career in construction industry. This is their opportunity to fulfill their dreams because construction industries offer heavy equipment operator jobs. People who will be hired for these jobs are required to deal with heavy and huge machines that are used in different industries such as agriculture, mining and construction. All machines used in these industries are mostly made up of hydro-mechanical equipment. This is why companies that offer heavy equipment operator jobs look for people who have the right skills and knowledge and that have the proper training to maintain and repair heavy equipment.

For you to be hired at any of the heavy equipment operator jobs, you have to attend training schools that teach you the basic up to the advance way of controlling and operating heavy or light equipment and vehicles used in construction sites. Although it’s the recession period, the construction market is still stable. That’s why many people are more determined to apply for heavy equipment operator jobs.

If you already have your CDL license and you finished your heavy equipment operation training, you are now ready to start a full time career. The United States Army has job openings for skilled and experienced heavy equipment operators. The main responsibilities of a heavy equipment operator in the United States Army are to control different machines like self and towed propelled scraper, motorized grader, scoop loader, wheeled and crawler tractors with dozer attachments. Another requirement on the job is to have the skills to interpret information on grade stakes.

But before you become a heavy equipment operator in the US Army, you need to have at least the score of 90 in the ability area and GM is expected. There’s a required training for entry-level position, which is composed of two months and one week of basic training and one to three months of Advanced Individual Training in Missouri. One month and three weeks of training is also necessary. The training will educate the operators on how to control and execute general operator level maintenance to scoop loader, scraper, grader, dozer, 5-ton dump trucks and M 915 tractor with semi trailer. There can actually be more training after this. It really depends on the tasks that will be assigned in the place of redeployment.

After completing the course, and if they become an official heavy equipment operator in the US Army, the operators would be clearing grubs and strips, use the loader to load various materials, make excavations and fill material with scrapers. The typical task of a heavy equipment operator in the Army is to give assistance throughout engineering missions in combat conditions by transporting construction equipment and heavy material with the use of tractor and trailer.

The US Army is not the only place where heavy equipment operator jobs are offered. Other states around the United States are also in need of heavy equipment operators. Their ads are all posted on job employment websites. You better start applying and don’t waste this perfect opportunity.


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  3. Today, many types of heavy construction machinery are designed with computerized systems. Although an operator is still needed for operations, many of the older processes are now being done by the system with the operator overseeing the equipment's functionality.

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